Project Description

Pets on the Move are specialist airline pet carriers and can contact the authorities in the destination country, as well as seek advice from the airline.

Unfortunately regulations regarding the carriage of animals can be complex and vary from country to country and airline to airline.

We ensure your pet is safe and secure in the most suitable pet carrier for the journey.


Airlines will only carry pets if advanced arrangements have been made, as space is often limited.

There are two options and your airline will be able to tell you which services they are able to offer:

  • Accompanied baggage

Most airlines will accept pets as accompanied baggage providing they are in a suitable carrier. They will travel in the baggage compartment where a suitable environment can be maintained (note – animals arriving in the UK may only do so as manifested air cargo) themselves.

  • Air cargo

Owners can arrange for their pets to travel as air cargo in suitable carriers without making the journey.

Below is a guide on how to measure your pet, this only applies to dogs, unless you cat is a large breed.


A – Measure from the tip of the nose to the root of the tail, whilst standing.

B – Measure from the top of the head to the floor whilst standing.